Piano Lessons

For piano lessons, I use the Piano Adventures (primer level) series for beginners, integrating theory, lesson, and performance books. I also use My First Piano Book for students who are younger or need more interactive activities to help learn piano. As they advance, I move onto the Hanon exercises and sight reading. If you would like to see a sample lesson plan, just email me and I will be happy to show you some examples.

Update: Learning piano during COVID-19
During lockdown, we’ve all had to learn to adjust and adapt, and music lessons are no different! Making the switch to online lessons has been easier than we all thought it would be. As a music teacher, I see the negatives and the positives that come with online lessons, but overall I have been impressed my how my students have grown during this time!

Going forward, while we wait for the State of Virginia to declare Phase 4, we will follow these guidelines. Most likely, piano students will be able to attend in person music lessons before voice lessons, with in-person voice lessons returning once it is safe to do so. 

Discounts for online/in-person flexibility
I will be offering discounted rates for all students who opt for flexibility in weekly lessons that are a mix of online and in-person lessons during the period of a month in Fall 2020. Please contact me for more information. For example:
A) 1 in-person lesson; the rest online (discount available)
B) 2 in-person lessons; the rest online (discount available)
C) All in-person lessons
D) All online lessons

‚ÄčAs we move forward, having a combination of online and in-person lessons may be best for students and families as we go into next year. We will post updates here.

Music theory for piano students
In addition to piano and voice lessons, we are now offering music theory classes, which can help strengthen your performance on the piano and enhance your musical understanding. Explore the theory packages I uploaded with recent newsletters for more background.

Music books

Young students

Older students

These links take you to the official Piano Adventures site, but you can also search these titles on ebay, Amazon, and other sites. Just email me if you have any questions.